this is the outside crowd


this is the outside crowd

We believe that life is much more than: "be born-grow up-study-work-die". We believe that there are so much more to discover, see, do, feel, and live. That it is possible to be the captain of your ship and the master of your soul. We believe in a life with meaning and purpose. In inspiration. In humankind. That everything is possible. We believe that even if you think you cannot follow a different path because you “just can't” or have the courage (yet), someday you will.

We believe in you.

The mission is simple: Deliver you the best content. Short Documentaries, Photo Coverage, Interviews, and more. Inspiration, stories of people that do something to live the dream, make meaning, have a purpose, and help others do the same.

There are many things to come and show you. There are many things to discover and share with you. Because you are the reason why. Get inspired and take action! Live your dream life!

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